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4 Travel Destinations Americans Vowed Never To Go Back To

It takes a really bad impression to say you'll “never” do something again. On the other hand, some felons deserve second chances.

Your friend who slept with your girl might even deserve a second chance. These ten travel destinations, though?

4 Destinations Americans Vowed Never To Go Back To


When “resorts” have the equivalent of prison walls to keep the locals out, you have to wonder what's on the other side of that wall. Those who have looked generally don't like what they see.

1. Jamaica

Tourism is Egypt's primary draw, and the locals work hard to make their living off tourists. Unfortunately, pushy scam artists, dirty surroundings, and endless chaos have left sand in many a traveler's mouth.

2. Egypt

Travelers' most lucid memories of Belize City, though, involved dead dogs on the side of the road and abundant, visible guns. Store these under Things They Don't Mention at the Travel Agency.

3. Belize City, Belize

Artificial islands, luxury shopping malls, and verbal tirades from locals toward women with uncovered hair aren't worth the hassle or expense of traveling to the Gulf.

4. The Arab Gulf States

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