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4 Tried and Tested Ways To Save Money This Year

Similarly, whether you want to save money or lose weight, the allure of instant gratification is hard to resist. Those unhealthy meals and sugary snacks can prove too tempting – as can splurging on unnecessary purchases.

4 Tried and Tested Ways To Save Money


Take that tack, and you'll save money on autopilot. The bank will move funds from your checking account to your savings account without you having to think about it.

1. Make Things Automatic

With digital wallets, credit cards, and debit cards at your disposal, spending money has never been easier. Furthermore, those credit cards let you spend cash you don't have!

2. Start Using Cash

Think about the “buy now” button on Amazon, for example. If your bank details are already saved, you're literally a click away from purchasing something that could be delivered the same day!

3. Make Online Shopping Harder

If the time it takes to type in your details wouldn't stop you from making impulse purchases, you could also enforce a longer “cooling off” period. In this case, you'd add the item to your shopping cart, then force yourself to step away for a set period of time.

4. Set a “Cooling Off” Period Before Purchases

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