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4 Unbelievable Things People Used Once and Then Threw Away!

People's behavior can sometimes shock us, especially regarding their disregard for perfectly functional items.

From extravagant celebrities to everyday individuals, here are ten unbelievable stories of things used only once and then discarded that we've collected from a popular internet forum.

4 Things People Used Once and Then Threw Away


One person's regular drive turned into a lucky find when they spotted a new gas grill on the curb. However, they couldn't pick it up immediately, and it was gone when they returned.

1. Grill

Another person made a Facebook post in a local group saying, “Please give me your old computers for free.” Six weeks later, he had about 45 laptops and 15 desktops—a couple of iMacs.

2. Computers

He bought clothes in every city, leaving them or giving them away. Yes, he went broke (but still has some endorsement money now, plus a trust fund a sponsorship deal paid him with).

3. Clothes and Car

. He worked for the dunnage area (trash service for the factory), and they'd often throw away crates with brand-new equipment never used.

4. Crates With Brand New Equipment

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