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4 Wildly Unpopular Opinions About Solo Travel

You can immediately plan your itinerary around what you want to do, not what Aunt Shelley has planned for the entire trip.

But there are travel tips and tricks that make solo traveling easier. However, some of these opinions are unpopular among the larger solo traveler population.

4 Wildly Unpopular Opinions About Solo Travel


A stereotype about traveling is it's only fun when you branch out and do the most exquisite activities—for example, eating escargot in France, ziplining in Costa Rica, and hiking the Adirondacks.

1. You Don't Need to Make a Big Deal of Every Activity

Of course, this depends on the person traveling. Still, many traveling articles focus on the most cost-effective ways to travel.

2. You Don't Have to Travel on a Budget

“My unpopular opinion is it can be unhealthy if you do it long term. Too much instability and not enough social network with people you can emotionally rely on and trust, socialize with,”

3. It Can Be Unhealthy

While traveling is a fantastic place to meet new people and make new friends, you don't need to meet new people to have a great trip.

4. You Don't Have to Make Friends

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