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5 Purchases Frugal People Said Amplified Their Quality of Life

What is frugality? By definition, frugality refers to saving money and approaching monetary transactions with mindfulness and care.

Here is a list of five items that enhanced the quality of life for self-proclaimed frugal individuals.


The most recent comment on the thread spoke about the amenities included in a more expensive apartment closer to work.

1. All-Inclusive Apartment

Every time I do the laundry, I lose at least one sock. This infuriates me, but it's happened so often that I've accepted it.

2. Same Socks

These toothbrushes reach thousands of spins a minute, removing layers of plaque a manual toothbrush won't ever reach. 

3. Sonicare Toothbrush

If you live in cold climates or travel in frigid temperatures, you know the importance of having a good coat. 

4. Quality Coat

Have a bag of stale chips? Don't worry! Throw a handful of crisps into the air fryer for an afternoon snack.

5. Air Fryer

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