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5 Things Frugal People Spend More To Save More Money On

It's always great to save money in the long run. Especially now, with financial times being challenging and more uncertain for many.

From everyday home purchases to footwear, here are some purchases to save money.


LED bulbs, instead of incandescent bulbs, save money on two fronts. A few people listed this as essential. First, like many large appliances, they are more energy efficient and consume less electricity.

1. LED Lights

Another vital money saver that does cost is home insulation. One user pointed out that a home they showed interest in had no insulation.

2. Insulation

One user bragged that his 2003 Toyota lasted ten years and had 300k miles. What did they do at that point?

3. Toyota

A user pointed out that they paid 100 dollars for a dash and rear camera. After getting rear-ended a few years prior, they forwarded the footage to the police.

4. Dash and Rear Camera

Footwear can save money in the long run. Someone pointed out they alternate between their two pairs of Hoka running shoes, allowing each a break so the foam can “bounce back to shape.”

5. Footwear

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