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5 Top Destinations to See in Europe During the Summer

Many people flock to Europe over the summer to take advantage of the incredible scenery, the delicious food, and the classic architecture and culture.

Here are 5 top destinations to see in Europe.


Flowing from ancient civilization mixed in with modernity, Athens is a beautiful place to visit. It is considered one of the sunniest cities in all of Europe.

Athens, Greece

One city that many people have been flocking to is Lisbon, Portugal. This Portuguese capital boasts beautiful beaches just 20 minutes away, seven hills, and fantastic food and wine to enjoy as you relax on your vacation.

Lisbon, Portugal

Known as the oldest walled city in Europe, Dubrovnik sits on the Dalmatian coast near both Bosnia and Montenegro. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

In this charming little capital of Slovenia sits Ljubljana, which is full of history. The riverside is full of beauty, where little shops, cafes, and restaurants sit so that you can enjoy the tranquility of this charming little place.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

On many people's bucket lists is Greece, especially Santorini, Greece, with its white buildings and blue rooftops.

Santorini Greece

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