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5 Great Vacations That Completely Changed People’s Lives

Transformative Travel:

Many travelers' vacations are a way to take a break from their daily lives, see the sights, and get some much-needed rest. For some, their trips were so powerful their lives changed for the better.



Someone caught the travel bug soon after earning their graduate degree. First, they went on a four-month excursion to the Dominican Republic, making them want to see more of the world.

Caught the Travel Bug

One jet setter in the discussion used to go on vacation to eat, drink, and visit museums. A trip to Maui, Hawaii, changed all of that. They went cliff diving, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and ziplining.

New Lifestyle

To break away from their usual tourist trips to Europe, one digital nomad went to Sri Lanka and connected with the local population by visiting tea fields, rock climbing, and riding in the locals' train cabins.

Local Interactions

A frequent visitor to France recalls that at the age of ten, they were so fascinated that people spoke in a language other than English they became obsessed with the French language and culture.

Parlez-Vous Français?

They learned how to be resourceful independently, that it's much easier to get around when you know some basic phrases and words in the local language, and, most importantly, how to pack appropriately.

Practical Lessons

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