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77% of Warren Buffett’s Portfolio is In These 4 American Stocks

Most people would get noticed for making these vast increases in portfolios. People ask how they could do the same and become rich, but Warren Buffett is in a league of his own and follows simple principles when he makes decisions.

Both Buffett and Charlie Munger suggest that 90% of people should invest in an index fund that tracks the S&P 500 and buy and hold for a long time. That fund will bring out significant diversification in your portfolio.

These four American stocks hold 77% of Warren Buffett’s Portfolio.


If you see that over 46% of Buffett’s portfolio is concentrated on Apple, you may think he could be some fool placing a bet like that. It is not a foolish mistake.

1. Apple $150.98 Billion (46.44%)

Banks and financials are a cyclical market. The market may swing up and down with interest rates and many other attributes, but banks will continue to make money on loans and deposits.

2. Bank of America $29.54 Billion (9.09%)

It is one of Buffett’s long-lasting holdings that was purchased in 1993 and had an unrealized capital gain of over 1,700%, not counting dividends.

3. American Express $25.01 Billion (7.69%)

It is a consumer staple that is world-renowned. It operates in almost every country and consistently tries to create connections with new generations.

4. Coke Cola $24.81 Billion (7.63%)

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