8 Ways to Practice Stealth Wealth

Have you ever met anyone you thought was poor, barely making it, or not even having any money? Then you find out they are a millionaire?

Practicing stealth wealth is a way to help hide the fact that you are the millionaire next door.

People won't expect too much from you, and you can be generous when you want but not ripped off from others. Here are just a few ways to practice stealth wealth.

Showing everyone your new ride, or having the most lavish vacations. These things will show people you are living it big.

Don't Brag on Social Media

Drive Average Cars

Being average is a good thing if you want to practice stealth wealth. Driving average cars allows you not to stand out.

Never Reveal Your Income

This is a rule that a lot of people talk about. If you were to reveal your income as something crazy high, people could see you as a target.

You may have a lot of money spread around in the stock market, real estate, and a personal business, but it is not all in one asset class that shows you are wealthy.

Diversify Your Assets

If you are flashy with your money, people will notice. If you practice frugality, those around you will not notice at all.

Practice Frugality