9 Appreciating Assets You Should Add to Your Portfolio

Appreciating assets become worth more money over time; all you have to do is hold onto them. So what more straightforward way to make money, right?

Appreciating assets are fantastic in your portfolio, letting them grow long-term so you have a higher net worth and can reach your financial goals. So which appreciating assets should you have in your portfolio?

1. Real Estate

Real estate appreciates over time; even if there are peaks and valleys, on average, it appreciates. Therefore, you can invest in real estate to live in it (your primary home), as a vacation home, or as an investment property.

When you own stock, you own part of a company. Not all stocks increase in value, so it is easier to pick a simple, low-cost index fund like SPY or VOO


You can invest in dividend stocks, which pay stockholders monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, or common stocks, which appreciate (or depreciate) but don't pay dividends.

Many people don't realize the value of art. Like a collectible car, art increases in value over time. But, of course, not all art is worth money or will appreciate. The key is that it comes with a certificate of authenticity.


When you own a part of the art, you also earn a prorated amount of its appreciation when sold. So this can be a great way to take advantage of art investments without taking any chances.

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