Acorns Review: The Mirco Investing App Suited for Beginners

Investing is not easy, especially if you have no money. The Acorns app is an investment app geared towards helping young people and young adults invest with little money.

Acorns is guided by its company philosophy. Acorns are like the seeds that will be planted to grow many trees that will bear fruit in the future.

What is the Acorns App?

Acorns is a Robo-advisor that takes spare change from credit card or debit card transactions and invests.

Let's say you buy a coffee every morning. This coffee is $2.37. Acorns then round that up to $3. The additional $0.63 is then thrown into your investment account.

How Does The Automation Work?

The people who would benefit from this most would be beginner investors, maybe minors, young adults, or even young families.

– Automation into your investment accounts – Robo-advisor places funds into a diversified portfolio – Easy to use app – Straightforward Pricing

The Pros of the Acorns App:

Some Cons of Acorns – No tax-loss harvesting – No individual stock investments – Low balance for a higher cost – No personal financial advisors to help out

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