19 Great Alternatives to Amazon

We all love the convenience of Amazon. If you need something, you can order it in one click and have it delivered to your door as early as the next day.

There are many reasons to keep shopping at Amazon, from the free standard shipping to the one-stop convenience, but there are just as many reasons to explore alternatives.

Here are the best alternatives to Amazon for everything that you might need.

Netflix is the grandfather of all streaming services. It offers a ton of your favorite shows but is also an excellent choice for original content. Shows like Stranger Things and Cursed are only available on Netflix.



Teepublic is an alternative to Amazon Merch. With Teepublic, you can buy t-shirts, mugs, binders, blankets, and various other items with attractive graphics on them.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows you to compare items from online retailers across the internet. It showcases items from other sites in one location. Google shopping can also show you local retailers to pick up the item you need on the same day.

Better World Books

This online book store donates books to people in need and has made it their mission to fight for literacy. They’ve donated over 28 million dollars to literacy non-profits such as libraries across the nation.