Frugal vs Cheap: Are you Frugal or Cheap?

Have you ever been called cheap or a cheapskate? Does hearing the words cheap make you feel bad? Cheap as a word can have a negative connotation. 

As a frugal individual, I think people get confused about what is frugal and what is cheap. The argument over frugal vs cheap gets started, and I show that frugal living is not the same as cheap living.

Cheap: Low in price, little worth. Cheap is about the price of items and the money.  Frugal: sparing or economical as regards money or food. 

What’s the Difference Between Frugal and Cheap?

Cheap is about the Price

The price matters to cheap people. If I had a choice between buying a good quality cell phone vs a cheap one, I would buy the excellent quality. A cheap person would find the one with the lowest price possible. 

Frugal is about the Value

Being frugal is choosing value over price. Value is everything. It is about what things bring value to your life. Once you know what brings value into your life, you can stop spending money on things that don’t get you value. 

How to be Frugal Without Looking Cheap

Frugality is a much important quality to demonstrate. Being cheap gives off a bad vibe to your friends and the people around you. It is better to live a more frugal life of intentionality than to sacrifice for the sake of price and money.

Frugality is all about Being Intentional

If someone invites you over for dinner, you can bring something to share. Do not turn things down because it is all about price. You need to realize that life is not about money but about being intentional with your money.