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Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for a Romantic Getaway

Traveling with your new partner does not require blowing all your savings; many couples have financial goals of saving for the future, a new home, or future kids.

For those that are budget-minded, many locations are affordable. Here are some of the best affordable honeymoon destinations for you and your new spouse.

Best Affordable Honeymoon Destinations for a Romantic Getaway


Puerto Rico is a cheap flight away; with the many things to do in San Juan and other destinations, this is a place to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon.

1. Puerto Rico

The Dominican Republic has been known as an affordable honeymoon destination for years. It has beautiful beaches and great hospitality at an affordable price.

2. The Dominican Republic

Most people think going to Asia would cost a ton, but not to Thailand. The flights may be more than flying to Puerto Rico or Mexico, but once you get there, everything is cheap.

3. Thailand

Many people flock to Indonesia primarily because of how affordable it is. Indonesia is full of many islands, and one of the most popular islands is Bali.

4. Bali, Indonesia

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