Best Recession Proof Jobs

As much as we'd like to avoid them, economic recessions are just a part of life. Recessions don't simply mean our GDP is regressing.

If you are starting your new career in the workforce, thinking about a career change, or protecting yourself whenever the next recession comes around, below are a few ideas to get you started.

Recession Proof Jobs

Healthcare Industry

We can't control when we get sick or will need other medical attention. Recession or not, a profession in the healthcare industry will be a safe place to be. Doctors, Nurses, and other licensed professionals will be needed no matter the economic conditions.

Working for yourself or as part of a group, having physical therapy training will provide you with some recession-proof income.

Physical Therapy

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians

Medications, prescriptions, and other health products will always be needed, and working at a pharmacy will help ensure you are in an excellent economic position at all times.

Big Pharma

Most pharmaceutical companies would be a safe place to work, but the big ones are safer.

Getting old is never fun, and some of us will need more help than others. The senior care industry will always have a demand.

Senior Care Workers


Medical conditions aren't limited to just us humans. All our furry friends and critters will still need the same medical care as well.

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