Here are 16 of the Best Safe Investments With High Returns

In an ideal world, investors look for investments that provide high returns and low risk. However, investments with high returns are often associated with increased risk and vice versa.

Are you looking for ways to have an additional income stream aside from your day job? Why not try investing your money? Here are some of the safe investments options with high returns that you can look into that would fit your risk appetite.

One of the best long-term investment strategies is the buying and holding of real estate. It’s especially a good choice for buy-and-hold investors who would like to build wealth before retirement.

1. Rental Housing

2. Growth Stock Funds

With this investment option, you don’t need to evaluate and choose individual growth stocks. Instead, the fund is managed by expert managers who select particular growth stocks.

3. Corporate Bonds

Just like governments, corporations also issue bonds to fund their expansion plans. When you buy a corporate bond, you lend money to the issuing company that, in turn, commits to pay interest on the initial capital plus interest on maturity.

4. REITs

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a good way of spending money in real estate without investing thousands of dollars as a property owner. REITs provide a dividend that is above average and generally offers good returns over time.

5. Annuities

Annuities are simply insurance contracts. You pay a certain amount of money today, and you get a stream of income in the future. That is why annuities are best suited for retirees.