Budgeting with  Zero-Based Budgeting

Living paycheck to paycheck causes much stress in your life, but being able to break that cycle can turn things around.  

Discovering a zero-based budget solved all those problems. It is about giving every dollar a job. 

What is Zero-Based Budgeting?

Zero-based budgeting is taking all of your money and putting it towards expenditures, savings, and debt.

When looking at how to make a zero-based budget, you must do a couple of things to create the best for your circumstances. 

How to Make a Zero-Based Budget:

1. Track Your Spending

We must track our spendings, and this is a way we can figure out what we are spending money on. All you have to do is write down everything that you spend money on. 

2. Know Your Monthly Income

Knowing the amount of cash flow you have coming into your budget can help you set up your Zero-Based Budget. 

We know that this budget must end with zero money left over at the end of the month. With knowing our income and spending, we can finally set up what is needed. 

3. Create Budget Categories

Your budget has to be flexible too. Some months the utilities could be higher due to different weather, and sometimes you will not be making as much income.

4. Be Flexible With the Budget