Can Living Stingy be a Great Thing?

Have you heard of the term living stingy? I know I have. It rings that negative connotation in your head.

You hear the word stingy and automatically think this person is cheap, skimpy, penny-pinching, and any other words that relate to being stingy. What does living stingy  really imply?

What does Living Stingy Mean?

Stingy means: unwilling to spend money. It has many synonyms like cheapskate, meager, tight-fisted, and any others you may think of. 

- Living on less - Finding ways to not spend money - Not wasting time on worthless endeavors. 

Living stingy is about:

Why Should You Consider Living Stingy?

1. Financial Freedom:


You will be able to have the freedom of time, money, and do whatever you may choose.

2. Saving Money:

Being on a living stingy mindset, you will need to learn how to budget your money. This means you need to know where your money is going.

3. Accomplishing Goals:

As we live stingy lives we are able to take that money to reach financial independence. Just making better decisions on how we are spending money.