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Check out These 4 Cheapest Countries to Fly into Europe!

As summer is coming, plans need to be made about where to travel next. Europe is a great destination to embark on an incredible journey by seeing many famous spots, eating fantastic food, and enjoying a coffee at a local shop.

After going through google flights, Skyscanner, Hopper, and many other search engines, a list of the cheapest countries to fly into Europe has been curated to help you make your next vacation decision.

4 Cheapest Countries to Fly into Europe!


The cheapest city to fly into on this list will be Reykjavik, Iceland. It is close to North America and makes flying here from Boston or New York much more affordable.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Dublin is a low-cost destination from many parts of the U.S., giving it a great spot to land in Europe for cheap.

2. Dublin, Ireland

Amsterdam has the busiest airport in Europe. With so many flights coming in and out, it is a gateway into Europe.

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

London is another city that has many affordable flights that come through the city. Many of the flights are cheaper because many people will have stopovers in Reykjavik and Lisbon and then land in London.

4. London, UK

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