Coast FIRE: Front-load Your Retirement

The FIRE community comes up with ways to figure out how to live your best life while having enough money to retire. What is this Coast FIRE you are talking about? How can it help me? These are all great questions to think about.

What is Coast FIRE?

Coast FIRE is about having enough investments and savings to allow you to coast your way to retirement. Coast FIRE is not retired early, but it is all about being financially independent.

It follows the same rules with saving and investing to ensure a good retirement. The FIRE movement is based upon investing enough to be financially independent. We usually use the 4% rule to determine a safe withdrawal rate.

We allow compounding interest to work to make our money grow to the point where we no longer have to work.

Compounding interest is the interest upon interest. As your assets gain more money, it will grow larger like a snowball rolling down a hit.

How Does Compounding interest Work?

How to Calculate Your Coast FIRE Number?

If we want to have $1 million when we hit our retirement age, how much do we need to acquire to hit Coast FIRE? FI / (1+ rate of return)^ years left to retirement = Coast FIRE #

Our Expectations for Returns

One of the best places to grab some good returns is through investing in the stock market. One of the best places to invest your money is through index funds.

You can now make life changes that can help you with your happiness and life/work balance.

What Can you Do after Hitting Coast FIRE?

That burnout feeling is natural, and after hitting Coast FIRE, we can now choose a career that brings more meaning to our lives.

Taking a Different Job.

Hustling every day can bring on much stress. With the ability to have some FU money and hitting Coast FIRE, we can now choose to reduce some of those working hours.

Reduce Work Hours

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