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DGRO vs SCHD: Choosing Your New Favorite Dividend ETF

In looking for a high-yield, low-cost, and diversified option to meet this need, your search may have led you to two of the most popular dividend ETFs on the market: DGRO vs SCHD.

Either DGRO or SCHD could make a solid addition to the right portfolio, but one may better suit your needs and investing goals than the other.



iShares Core Dividend Growth ETF (DGRO) Overview:

DGRO is passively managed and tracks an index of US equities, meaning lower fees, higher tax efficiency, and better margins for investors than an actively managed equivalent.

It is passively managed with low fees and high tax efficiency, and it also invests in US equities with a consistent pattern of growing dividends.

Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF (SCHD) Overview:

At the time of writing, SCHD reports a dividend yield of 3.62%, as compared to DGRO’s 2.37%, giving the Schwab fund a significant edge in this category.

DGRO vs SCHD Dividend Yield

Fortunately for the average retail investor, both DGRO and SCHD are exchange-traded funds (ETFs). As such, they can operate with the diversification and potential of a traditional mutual fund but with the flexibility and maneuverability of a single stock.

Minimum Investments of DGRO vs SCHD

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