Differences between  Old Money vs  New Money

There are two sides to wealth. There is old money vs new money. Each one has its place in society, but they have been built differently and act in different ways. 

Let’s think about this. What is the difference between old money vs new money? At some point, you have to wonder how they are different? What does this type of money look like?

What is Old Money?

Old money is the wealth that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is the inherited money that helps keep rich people wealthy. These are the people that have grown up affluent in society. They are not from blue-collar working families or even middle-class families.

If old money is considered that which is passed down, then new money is the money that has been acquired in the first generation. These are those super famous athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, and even prominent corporation CEOs. They can be the self-made millionaires of the world or even the wealthy businessman that has made it big.

What is New Money?

Is Old Money Still A Thing?

There are plenty of old money families still running around in the U.S. Europe is full of more old money than the U.S. As we think of some of these families, you recognize the names. You have the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Du Ponts, and the list can go on.

Here are 5 Differences between Old Money vs New Money:

1. Old Money Preserves, New Money Spends

Old money individuals have always lived with wealth. They have people that taught them how to manage their wealth. Money is used to create more wealth and to preserve the wealth for future generations. It is a difference in the mindset of these individuals.

A lot of the old money folks are some of the elitists from the Northeastern part of the U.S.  The new money folks are those that are not in that high-class society.

2. The Social Perception

3. Inheritance vs Earned Money

Old money is all about having their wealth inherited over generations. We see this in Europe and even in the northeastern part of the U.S. New money, on the other hand, is mostly earned. Their wealth was not inherited, but they used their skills and took risks to amass a great deal of wealth and riches.

4. Stealth Wealth

Most of the old money crowd wants to preserve their money. It is not about flashing it around. The new money crowd is often seen buying many things. They have nice cars, big houses, and plenty of flashy items that they show off. 

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