Frugal vs Cheap: Are you Frugal or Cheap?

The argument over frugal vs cheap gets started, and I show that frugal living is not the same as cheap living.

What’s the Difference Between Frugal and Cheap?

Cheap: Low in price, little worth Frugal: sparing or economical as regards money or food. Simple plain and costing little.


Cheap is about the Price A cheap person would find the one with the lowest price possible..

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 Frugal is about the Value Being frugal is choosing value over price. Value is everything. It is about what things bring value to your life.

How to be Frugal Without Looking Cheap It is better to live a more frugal life of intentionality than to sacrifice for the sake of price and money.


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Frugality is all about Being Intentional You have to be intentional with the way you spend money. The money you spend has a purpose, and it is not about just spending but making sure each dollar is used for a reason and for something that brings value to your life.

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Eat and Drink at Home

Using your time and money to create beautiful meals at home is one of my favorite frugal tips.

Don’t Worry about the Brands People often worry about the brands they are using when buying things. I understand the quality of certain items. Buy Experiences Instead of Items Experiences are something that lasts a lot longer than items.

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