How to Put Your Graduation Money to Good Use

Are you a recent college graduate, and your graduation money is burning a hole in your pocket? It is crucial for your financial future that you know how to make your money work for you after graduation.

Making Your Graduation Money Work for You

Take an Online Course There are online courses available online that will show you how to set yourself up to pay off your debt, organize your finances, and show you how to set up a healthy budget that will help you save for your future.


Set Goals for Your Future Setting up goals for yourself after taking an online course or research with blogs and videos is a great way to keep moving forward on having your money turn into savings and passive income.

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You have worked so hard to learn about what you need to do to successfully create and live on a solid basic budget. Now it is time to keep track of your daily finances.

Create Your Budget and Savings Journal

There are budgeting apps like Tally where you can keep track of all your finances in the same place and pay off your debt. You can also make a google doc or forms sheet


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Start or Grow Your Fund For Future Emergencies While not the most exciting option, an emergency fund is crucial for making your money useful. Everyone should have one financial goal: to stay out of debt and get out of debt if you are in debt. If you have an emergency fund, you will never have to worry about putting a large unexpected bill on credit.

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Create or Bolster Your Retirement Accounts

Yes, retirement, it’s true that it is hard to believe that as a college graduate that you have to start thinking about retirement already, but the sooner you start saving and investing for your retirement, the better.

This account should be used as a backup account. You can put a small amount into it from each paycheck. You don’t have to put miscellaneous charges on credit

Start An Extra Cash Account

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