Help! It  is  an Emergency

To help when bad things happen, you need to plan for a rainy day and have an emergency fund. When these emergencies happen it is great to have a cash cushion.

Financial Experts will always tell people to have an Emergency Fund. This is the fund that will save the day. People need Emergency Funds. It is there just in case of an emergency. 


I have been there. Living paycheck to paycheck a few years ago, I did not know about Emergency Funds. When it got bad, I would call my dad for advice. I am quite fortunate, but not everyone is like this. 

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My Personal Experience

Have a Plan

You need to have a plan. There needs to be a fund to save money for the unexpected costs of a disaster.

Time to Start Your Emergency Fund

You can start small by cutting costs such as coffee, cable, eating out, and transportation. Take this money, and put it in a high interest savings account in order to make some sort of revenue on your savings. 


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An Emergency Fund is a First Step For a Financial Future

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Since you could save a little each day, week, and month you have the discipline to continue this pattern for other goals like investing or saving for a house. 

Peace of Mind

Having an Emergency Fund gives peace of mind. It is something that can help in any emergency.

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