How Credit Cards Can Be a Big Tool for Your Finances

Credit cards should be a tool. If you abuse the tool you will be stuck with massive debt, heartache, broken relationships, and negative assets. 

Please use credit cards wisely, and pay them off at the end of the month in order to avoid massive credit card debt.

One thing credit cards are great at is building credit. It is a tool to make your credit go from 700 to possibly over 800.

Building your Credit

Credit cards have the cool thing of being like a debit card but offering great rewards for using their card. 

Credit Cards can be Rewarding

Most cards have certain categories that will give you a bonus, but the Fidelity gives you 2% back on everything.

Credit Cards can help with investments:

Credit Cards provide Insurance

One of the great things that credit cards provide is a type of insurance. This can be a warranty, travel insurance, or even a certain time limit for a return.  

The not so good thing about credit cards

The bad parts about credit cards are the interest rates. Lots of the cards can have a high interest rate like 18-25%. That is massive.