10 Ways on How to Invest With Little Money

“Investing is just for the rich”, at least that is what I have heard. “Investing needs lots of money to get started”, which is something I was told. How can this be? How can I start?

When I started my journey towards financial independence, I didn’t know anything about investing. The jargon was lost in my head, and I was quite lost every time I looked up something.



1. Invest in Yourself

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This may be too simple for most people, but investing in yourself is something that can reap benefits down the line. As we educate ourselves, we can make better decisions on what we can do with our money.

Robo-advisors are the neat robotic algorithmic investing platforms that can help you to invest early and often. The cool thing is they will help determine your allocations for you, and all you need to do is answer some questions about the risk you are willing to take, and they will do the rest.

2. Robo advisors

3. Mutual Fund Investments

Mutual funds can be a way on how to start investing with little money. Several of the brokerages offer some good mutual funds to help you out. I prefer to invest in index funds. Index funds are a type of mutual fund. They have a low expense ratio and allows you to match the market on returns.


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4. Micro Investing Micro investing is the new term that most have not quite heard as of yet. It is a way to invest little money into many different things 5. Employee Sponsored Retirement Plan Talking about retirements plans, you also need to think about your retirement plan. A lot of countries offer plans to help you out.

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7. REITs

REITs is another great way on how to start investing with little money. If you are interested in investing in real estate but don’t have the cash to get started, you can invest in REITs.

If you want to start to get into real estate, you can start with Real Estate Crowdfunding. This is a new thing that has been popping recently. It is a bit more to start investing, but it is cheaper than going out and buying your property.

8. Real Estate Portfolio

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