How to Make a Budget Using Dave Ramsey's Budget Percentages 

Creating a budget can be a hard thing to do. We have to break it down into categories. Allocate different types of money for certain expenses, and quite honestly, it can be challenging. 

Having a budget is a great place to start to figure out where your money is going. The self-proclaimed guru, Dave Ramsey, has once again worked on making budgeting easy with his budget. 

He came up with his version of budgeting called The Dave Ramsey Budget Percentages. 

This may be giving money to our church, buying lunch for our staff at work, or even funding charitable organizations.

Household Budget Categories Descriptions:

Giving (10%)

Saving (10%)

Being able to save is something you should put in your budget. After you have your emergency fund, Dave recommends starting investing and saving for retirement.

Food (10-15%)

Food is the part of the budget that is for eating out or eating in. We need to budget a certain amount of food for each month. 

Utilities are straightforward. It is the amount of money you spend on electricity, water, internet, and even trash take out. 

Utilities (5-10%)

Dave Ramsey recommends making sure to calculate everything. That is a mortgage, rent, HOA fees, insurance, and even maintenance on the housing. 

Housing (25%)