How To Negotiate Salaries:  15 Tips To Get What You’re Worth

Rather than simply taking the initial offer, you can learn how to negotiate salaries confidently without seeming pushy. The following salary negotiation tips will help.



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Knowing your budget helps you identify your absolute minimum salary requirements.

Know Your Budget

Know Your Worth

Don’t limit your salary research to the web. Speak with recruiters specializing in your field. Experienced recruiters should be well versed in current salary ranges by job title in the areas they serve.

Set Your Range

You could use 10 percent over your current salary as your target and twenty percent more as your ideal. Set a goal of negotiating a wage between your target and ideal numbers.

Avoid Discussing Salary History

Some cities and states have banned employers from asking questions about salary history, but it could come up. Avoid disclosing your salary history if asked about it during an interview.


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Negotiate at the Right Time Playing hardball during the early stages of the hiring process could eliminate you from consideration. You have more leverage once you emerge as the best candidate for the job.

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Benefits vary widely from company to company, especially regarding health insurance contributions, dental coverage, 401(k) matching, paid time off, stock options, and bonus plans.

Consider the Whole Package

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