How to Renew Your Passport: The Best Practices You Need to Know

International travel may be different, but it is fun to see and experience new places. You can even live abroad or use geo arbitrage to help save you money, but you cannot do these things if your passport is coming to its expiration date.

Here are a few steps on how to renew your passport via mail. These steps will help guide you on your way to a successful application process.

1. Gather All the Documents

These documents include: – The Application form DS-82 – Your Original Passport – Any Change of Name Documents

2. Send in a Passport Photo

There are many places you can get a passport photo done, but make sure that the photo is excluding a couple of items such as: – Earphones in your ear – Hats being warn – Any uniform or camouflage – Eyeglasses

3. Pay the Passport Fees

If you plan to travel internationally outside North America, it would be best to have a passport book. A passport card works for Canada, Mexico, and a few Caribean Countries.

4. Mail in the Application

Mail all these documents into the National Passport Processing Center. They will then be able to take care of having your passport renewed. Use Priority-mail to mail it in. Make sure to get a tracking number to help you track the application.

5. Track Your Application

That is a long process, so make sure to track your application. You can follow the envelope, and after 7-10 days, you can track your application online.

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