How To Sell a Car in 5 Simple Steps

Do you want to know how to sell a car fast? Right now, the used car market is HOT, and you most might think that selling a car should be a simple process, but it can be super stressful.

Today, we will equip you with these five simple steps to sell a car quickly!

Here is the shortlist:

– Get all the paperwork ready and fill out your presale checklist. – State the selling price for your car. – Advertise your car appropriately. – Test drive and seal the deal on the spot! – Bonus: Consider trade-in offers.

To-Do List: – Collect all your paperwork (visit DMV online). – Make sure your car has a current inspection. – Print a vehicle history report. – Collect maintenance records.

What To Do Before You Sell

– Title transfer:  – Do you have your vehicle's title? If not, then: – Check with your lender if you owe on your car. –  Be patient.

Visit Kelley Blue Blook AND Edmunds to get a free quote on the car valuation. Be sure to look at the private party sale price, not the trade-in value.

What Is Your Asking Price?

Case in point, if the trade-in value for your car is $7,000 and the same car is going for $11,000 online, you could price your car around $10,000!

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