Invest with These 6 Best Brokerages and Get Free Stocks

Everyone likes to get something for free, and that includes investors. What if I told you that you could get free stocks from some brokerages?

Discount online brokerages succeeded in grabbing market share and investor dollars by competing on price and execution. But now, nearly $0 commissions or even $0 commissions are commonplace.

This is a good thing since costs and expense ratios affect returns. Furthermore, the number of brokerages and online trading platforms is rising, and thus competition is increasing.

These Brokerages Will Give You Free Stocks

Robinhood – Free Stock Between $3 and $225

Robinhood will give you between $3 and $225 in one free stock just for downloading their app and opening a free account. 

Stash – Micro-investing

Stash does offer $5 cash for signing up and depositing $5 in your account. You can take the $5 and buy free stocks with it. 

You can receive free cash of $5 for signing up and making your first investment. You can take the $5 and buy free  stocks with it.

Acorns –  More Micro-investing

Webull will give you between $3 and $300 in one free stock just for opening a brokerage account with them.

Webull – Free Stocks Between $3 and $2,000