Is It Time for a Baby?  15 Things You Should Think About

If you’re at the point that you’re asking yourself, “am I ready for a baby?” that might be a sign that you’re more ready than you think.  

Most people start to think about starting to raise a family once they’ve accomplished some goals like finishing school and you’ve moved out of mom and dads.

15 Things You Need to Should Consider Before Having a Baby:

The reality is that there will always be something else that could be done before you have a baby: more money, a bigger house, an event is coming up.

1. There is No Perfect Time

2.  A Support System In Helpful

Ask the grandparents for help, ask them to take siblings for sleepovers, etc., make it part of your plan to ask for help from your support system. 

3.  Are Your Finances in Place?

If you can reduce some financial stress during this phase of life, it's probably a good idea to stash some money away.

If “me time” is a priority for you right now, you might want to delay your plans of having a kid.

4.  Are You Ready to Have Less “Me Time?”

Emotions run high because you will be sleep deprived sometimes, you will feel frustrated at times, and again, it's a significant change in your life.  

5. It’s a Very Emotional Ride