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Japan Traveling Experience Nightmare

When you travel to an unknown country, plenty of things are an adjustment, and it's not just battling jet lag. There's culture shock where things like tipping or not come into play.

Few people take the time to learn how the hospitals and health care operate in the countries they are visiting.

Rejected by 4 Emergency Rooms After Severe Neck Injury


Recently a woman, we'll call them Sheryl, had a nightmare experience while traveling cross-country. She had a prior neck injury, and carrying 14kg while backpacking in Japan worsened it. 

Prior Injury Flares Up

Days later, she couldn't move the lower half of her body. So she phoned a taxi to take her to the local emergency. There she spoke to a nurse who spoke English and explained her situation.

A Worsening Situation

Sheryl was scared that, if left unchecked, the issue could lead to something more severe and lasting. She thought the problem was monetary and that she could pay for any care.

It's Not About the Money

Understandably distraught, Sheryl asked if they could transfer her to another hospital. No. She asked the nurse to phone other hospitals to see if they could take her as Sheryl could not speak Japanese.

A Round of No's

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