12 Surprising Jobs that Pay Well

Who doesn’t want a high-paying job? You’re spending most of your day working hard away from your family, and you want to be compensated well for it.

About 10,000 baby boomers a day turn 65 years old. This gray wave of retiring workers combined with a labor force that’s 3 million workers smaller has created a labor shortage in critical industries



Defining Jobs that Pay Well

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when people think of having a well-paying job, they think of covering housing, a car, food, utility bills, other critical expenses and still have something left over for savings and perhaps a vacation.

Flight Attendants make even more at Southwest, named one of the best places to work in the country. They average $66,000 with $11,000 more of profit-sharing plus free unlimited travel for themselves, spouses, domestic partners, and dependents.

1. Flight Attendant

2. Electrician

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrician jobs are expected to grow 11% by 2029 . And while 7,000 people become electricians a year, 10,000 people leave the field. That means that electrician wages are on the rise now and will be one of the jobs that pay well in the long run.


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3. Plumber And while the average American plumber makes $56,000, in the Midwest, it’s one of the best jobs that pay well. They make far more than plumbers in the Southwest, Southeast 4. Car Technician It might surprise you that being an automotive technician is one of the jobs that pay well in the U.S. In places like Alaska, New Jersey, and Washington D.C.

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5. Life Insurance Sales

According to US Insurance Agents, the average life insurance agent’s salary is $79,730 a year. Insurance agent salaries are often a combination of base pay, commission, and bonuses, making it a lucrative option for those who excel in a sales role.

Did you know that the average salary is $68,972 plus a $20,000 annual commission? If you’re a recent college graduate or looking to change careers, entry-level positions start at $54,000 in higher cost of living areas.

6. Medical Sales Rep

7. SAT Tutor

Tutoring has long been known as one of the side hustle jobs that pay well. SAT tutors can command $45 to $100 an hour, with SAT scores driving a large portion of college admission.

While Costco is known for their low prices, they are also known as a place that pays a high wage and benefits to part-time workers.

8. Costco

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