Learn to Travel for Free with Travel Hacking

Traveling doesn’t need to break the bank. Traveling can be done free or very cheaply. This is something that is not always explained to people.

Travel has opened up my world so much more than seeing places, eating food, and discovering new cultures. It has shown me how to save, invest, and achieve goals in life.

It is simply using the tools from airlines, hotels, and banks to travel for free. Travel hacking is using miles and points to achieve free travel. 

What is Travel Hacking?

The simple answer is racking up miles and points and redeeming them for free flights, and hotel stays. That is all you have to do. 

How Do I use Travel Hacking for Free Travel?

It is time to start signing up for frequent flyer programs and hotel programs. Pick an airline or hotel brand you think you will be loyal to. 

Sign Up For Loyalty and Reward Programs


Airlines have joined forces to help each other out. These are called Alliances. You can use miles to book award seats on other airlines.

Sign-Up For Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards are by far the easiest way to earn lots of miles and points to achieve free travel.

The key is to hit the minimum spending on cards. One of the best cards out there is the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. 

The Minimum Spend