Money Isn’t Everything:  8 Things That Are More Important

We put a significant value on money because many of us have a cultural background of not coming from money, so money is valued. As we look at literature and theatrical performances, we learn from many characters about the value of money.



Money Isn't Everything to Me

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As I live my life, I realize that the relationships I build and the people who come into it are more important. Money does not control my actions. The things I value control my actions. 

1. Living Life

Here Are 8 Things That Are More Important than Money:

Life is about enjoying experiences, learning new things, having meaningful relationships, and valuing things outside of the realm of wealth. Money isn't going to bring some of these important things into your life.

2. Relationships Are More Important

Relationships come first in life. Living life without friends or family only for the sake of money is a lonely experience. It brings on resentment, regret, and a feeling of solitude.


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3. Time is More Valuable You have heard the saying “Time is Money.” That is the truth of it. Money can buy us time, but if we are constantly working to achieve more money, we are spending our time, and it is hard to get that back. 

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4. Happiness is more Important

As you work for money, do remember that often we have to work longer hours. True happiness does not come from sitting in an office all day and night working away to obtain more money. As we gather even more money, it cannot provide the additional dopamine we need.

Another reason money isn't everything is because of what it does to our health. The stress, the world, and the obsession over obtaining money can strain our health.

5. Health is More Important

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