Money Lessons They Don’t Teach You in School

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In life, you spend your first 18-20 years in school. The hope is to have a good education, go out into the world, and be able to create income and value within the world. 

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One thing that is missing is a financial education. Schools miss out on not teaching students about money.  Here are some money lessons not taught in school. 

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Being able to equip people for the future is the job of the teacher. Schools have lacked financial literacy, and it is time to learn some money lessons not taught in school.

Compound interest grows interest upon interest. The more time you have the more time compound interest can grow your money. 

The Power of Compounding Interest

Retirement is not about doing nothing. Being free to do whatever you want without the need of income producing work is financial freedom. 

Retirement is not at 65

Owning assets can be better than a job. It can bring income to you without even working.

Owning Income Producing Assets

If taxes were part of a financial literacy program in school then people would be able to take advantage and save money on doing taxes. Alas, it is not a money lesson taught in school.