How Much Money is Enough?

Every day we wake up either happy or sad or even depressed that we have to go to work. So the question that arises from us is how much money is enough?

Financial freedom gives you the ability to stop and figure out how much money is enough. So as we seek this, we need to figure out many things along this road to wealth. 

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness.

Money can help buy others more happiness. Through generosity, other people can benefit from the gifts of money. It may not be something to bring you happiness, but it certainly can others out.

That is the question people want to know. If money cannot buy happiness, then at what point can we determine how much money is enough?  So you have to think about it in a couple of different terms.

So How Much Money is Enough?

Pursuit of Passions 

First, you need to know how much money you think you will need to pursue other passions in life.

Financial Goals

Second, you need to determine what your goals are. Having financial goals can help you determine how much money is enough. 

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