Invest with These 6 Brokerages and Get Free Stocks Story

Allison R. Lancaster

Everyone likes to get something for free, and that includes investors. What if I told you that you could get free stocks from some brokerages? It is a little hard to believe at first.


How to Get Out of Debt: 13 Expert-Backed Steps for Success Story

Allison R. Lancaster

You try your best to make your payments, but interest charges eat up all your progress. The next month, you’re back to square one. Don’t worry: You don’t have to be stuck with debt forever.


Money Can’t Buy Happiness. Here are 6 Things Money CAN Buy Story

Allison R. Lancaster

“Money can’t buy happiness.” It is that cliche saying that many people tell you. Why work so hard for money if it can’t buy you happiness? Truthfully, money alone cannot give you a sense of emotion.

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How Do Banks Make Money in 2021? Story

Allison R. Lancaster

Banks continually spend money by sending us our debit cards, periodic statements and supporting the digital infrastructure needed to process online payments and transactions.

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9 Steps to be Fiscally Responsible Story

Allison R. Lancaster

Being fiscally responsible is something that everyone should learn. It is a part of life and it can help you reach financial freedom within your life. We hear about it with the government and politics

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The 6 Best Tax Software to Help You do Taxes Story

Allison R. Lancaster

Are tax professionals too expensive for you? Are you feeling uneasy and want to know how to do them easier? As taxes keep changing I find that using tax software is an easy way to do them.

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What’s the Deal with 6 Figures? Story

Allison R. Lancaster

What’s the deal with 6 figures? People talk about 6 figures like it is a big deal. If you work hard enough, you may have a 6 figure salary at your full-time job.


VOO vs VTI, which one would you choose? Story

Allison R. Lancaster

What is the best ETF index fund? There are so many ETFs to choose from, but which one would you choose? VOO vs VTI has been some of the top ones that so many people talk about.


A Roadmap to Wealth Story

Allison R. Lancaster

People always talk about how building wealth is hard. Personally, I think it is a mindset shift. We see rich people with big-time jobs making lots of money.


6 Steps to Hitting Financial Freedom Story

Allison R. Lancaster

I have talked about financial independence many times, but when we are talking about financial freedom we are talking about being free. Financial freedom is about taking control of our finances.


The Truth Behind The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps Story

Allison R. Lancaster

When talking about financial goals I always mention the 4% rule. You may be wondering, what am I even talking about. It is the rule that helps guide individuals to the magical retirement number.