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Ready to Retire? Check Out the 5 Best Countries to Live Life!

Retirement is a part of life. We work our whole lives to live an extraordinary life at the end of our work life.

So here are the 5 best countries to retire to in 2023.


If you are looking for a place with a great culture and many different environments, look no further than Colombia. It is many different microclimates.

1. Colombia

Take a trip to Asia and retire in Thailand. Many expats flock to Thailand because of the weather, the beauty of the country, and the low cost of living.

2. Thailand

Costa Rica is known for Pura Vida, which is pure life or simpler life. They have great beaches, incredible rainforests, and volcanoes all around.

3. Costa Rica

The low cost of living has people spending anywhere from $1,500-2,000 a month, and the majority of the country speaks English.

4. Portugal

Malta is located just south of Sicily and offers beautiful weather and fantastic beaches on the Mediterranean. The climate is generally mild all year round and is much less expensive than most of Europe.

5. Malta

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