Recession-Proof Stocks: 13 Stocks to Buy to Weather the Storm

Are you worried about a recession destroying your portfolio? In times of turmoil, people worry about their investments, money, and their financial futures. In times of trouble like these, some companies can bring about stability.

Industries That Do Well in Recessions:

With much loss of jobs, people go to buying much cheaper things. So the industries that will do well are more affordable retail markets that sell consumer staples or even those discount retailers.



1. Walmart (WMT)

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When a recession hits, Walmart tends to do better. This is because their prices are low and therefore people would prefer to shop there. It saves them money, and they leave happy to be on a budget.

Target is that more excellent version of Walmart. The staff is kind, the prices are reasonable, and you have a better feeling of shopping here. he First 3 Quarters of 2020 rose 10.8%, 24.3%, and 20.7%, respectably.

2. Target (TGT)

3. Pepsi Co. (PEP)

When people do not have as much money, they will cut back on many things. Buying soft drinks is probably one of them. However, Pepsi Co. is not just a soft drink company. They also own Fritos/Lays that gives them a more considerable margin.


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4. Lowes (LOW) The pandemic caused many people to be stuck at home. As a result, home projects increased for households. The revenue for Lowes rose 23.5% in the first nine months of 2020. In the 4th Quarter of 2020, online sales boomed by 106%. 5. McDonald’s (MCD) With less money in people’s pockets, they stop going out to eat. At this point, people are to look for cheaper options like McDonald’s.

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6. Rollins (ROL)

In two decades, Rollins has had uninterrupted growth. They are now the largest pesticide company in the U.S. and possibly the largest in the world. Rollins owns 20% of the pesticide market in the U.S.

Their R&D department is always looking for ways to diversify. For example, they are a protein company. So they will make fake meat, plant-based meat, and any other type of protein. Half of the stock is owned by Hormel Foundation. They work on trying to continue to grow their income and dividend each year.

7. Hormel Foods

8. Costco

Sales grew by 9% in 2020. Operating income increased by 19% in 2020. As 2021 comes in, their growth has continued to rise. In May, they reported a 22% growth year on year on sales.

Nike is a store that goes by the motto “Just Do It!” This is what they did while another recession hit last year. They played offense instead of defense and doubled down on their strategy of increasing their online market.

9. Nike (NKE)

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