“Scared Money Don’t Make Money” Time to Start Investing

“Scared Money Don’t Make Money” is a quote that got famous from Billy Napier. Billy Napier is an American Football coach who made this quote after asking about him going for a touchdown with seconds left before halftime instead of a field goal.

The Story Behind the Quote “Scared Money Don’t Make Money”

His team was hosting Ohio University, and with seconds left and a few yards to go, he decided to go for the touchdown instead of the field goal. In the end, they got the touchdown. Billy Napier was asked why he did it, and he answered, “Scared Money Don’t Make Money.” 


“Scared Money Don’t Make Money” investing philosophy can be summed up quite quickly into you can’t be afraid to lose money to see significant returns in the long run. This is basic investing.

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An Investing Philosophy:

Investing Risks and Rewards

Investing is full of risks and rewards. If you are unaware of what you are doing, you may fail. The risk is minimized as you learn, study, and figure out what you are doing. That is the point that you have to go out and not be scared. 

Why is Investing Needed?

Investing is the simplest way to create wealth. Through the investment of your money, you will see it grow. The growth that will be done on your money will start to snowball and the compounding interest that will affect your money will create something powerful.


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The Power of Compound Interest.

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So compound interest is the interest that is added to your investment. Investing your money allows it to grow. You cannot depend on the banks to make your money grow.

7 Ways to Start Investing Your Money Today:

1. Invest in Yourself Investing in yourself is something that will reap benefits faster than you think.

Increasing your skills can make you look better in the work environment. It will help you to get promotions or to go out and find a better job.

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