Should You Use the SoFi Investing App? 

SoFi makes investing seem easy – but what's the catch? Making investing simple and easy is important to help beginners put their money into the market. The SoFi Investing App should help investors start investing.

SoFi started as a student loan refinancing company to help people with student loans. As beginners start investing, they need more than just a refinancing company; they need to know how to invest for their future.

What is the SoFi Investing App?

SoFi Invest prides itself on offering wrap-around investing services easy enough for anyone to use. It provides a broad range of investment options that include:

– ETFs (exchange-traded funds) – Stocks – Fractional shares – IPOs (initial public offering) – Cryptocurrency – Retirement Accounts

SoFi Investing Options

Like other investment trading apps, the SoFi investing app allows users to deposit funds from their personal accounts to purchase shares in various financial markets. Anything from stocks, ETFs, and Mutual funds.

SoFi Active Investing offers free trades of ETFs and stocks, access to 30 cryptocurrencies, and allows fractional shares so new investors can savor a piece of Amazon or Netflix if they so desire.

Pros of the SoFi investing

SoFi Automated Investing is an excellent alternative to a live money management advisor because it doesn't charge any fees.

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