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As you search for a place to move to or relocate, make sure you have everything ready so you are not denied entry to a country. Here is a list of some of the best countries to live in.

A few criteria to help with the rankings of these countries when making this list is as follows: – Quality of life – Happiness – Salary – Education – Cost of Living – Activities

1. Switzerland

-The surrounding Alps offer opportunities to ski and snowboard. - There are opportunities to make great money living in Switzerland.

Taiwan encourages many hobbies, from playing board games in the many cafes to immersing yourself in nature with various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, river tracing, mountain climbing, and surfing beaches.

2. Taiwan

3. Canada

Canada consistently ranks high for the quality of life because of healthcare and education for families. he hiking, adventuring, and other outdoor sports make it outdoor enthusiast heaven.

The country is full of beautiful architecture, coastlines, wine, and friendly people. The weather is fantastic, and it is a place that people are starting to flock to.

4. Portugal

5. Singapore

It is truly a mix of East and West combined with many cultures coming together in a melting pot of what makes Singapore such a unique place to live and work.

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