The 13 Best Income-Producing Assets To Build Your Wealth.

What Are Income-Producing Assets?

The best way to get your money working for you is to buy income-producing assets, and these assets will continue to create money even while you sleep.

11 Best Income-Producing Assets

There are so many assets people can go out and buy. Here is a list of some of the best income-producing assets you can buy today.

1. Dividend-Paying Stocks

If you can buy up enough dividend stocks, the cash flow could be more cash than you make a month. If you are looking for some good dividend stocks, the Dividend Aristocrats would be the first place to check out. These companies have increased their dividend every year for the last 25 years in a row, and that is some great consistency.

2. Index Funds

Index funds give out dividends just like dividend stocks. The cool thing is you can buy a dividend stock ETF, which will have a good majority of some of the best dividend stocks out there in the ETF.

3. Rental Properties

One of the most incredible places is a rental property when you want to have some cash flow. You buy the property, fix it up, and you rent it out. There is a monthly payment every month.

4. REITs

REITs are for those people that like the idea of real estate and like cash flow as well. REITs are a type of dividend-paying stock without the tax benefits of the dividends.

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