The 6 Best Tax Software to Help You do Taxes

Do taxes stress you out? Are tax professionals too expensive for you? Are you feeling uneasy and want to know how to do them easier? As taxes keep changing I find that using tax software is an easy way to do them.

I am going to go over 6 of my favorite tax softwares that you should consider when doing your taxes. They will save you time, money, and unneeded stress.


Credit Karma Tax Credit Karma Tax offers: – Free Federal & State Returns – Clear and Easy to Navigate the interface – Audit Defenses – DIY – Accuracy Guaranteed – A Credit Karma account

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FreeTaxUSA offers: – Easy Navigation – No Upsell – Little Guidance Needed – Best for Self Directed Filer – Tax return storage up to 7 years – Great Pricing.

TaxSlayer offers – Low-cost – Guided tax calculations – Advanced help features – Mobile app – Multiple ways to get refunded – Accuracy guaranteed



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TaxAct TaxAct Offers: – Streamlined interface – Double-Check tool – Mobile App – Tax return storage – Accuracy Guaranteed – Multiple ways to get your refund

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H&R Block

H&R Block Offers: – Easy From import/upload – Mobile version – Step by step guidance – Live support options – Tax return storage for 6 years – Multiple refund options – Accuracy Guaranteed

TurboTax Offers: – Guidance for Tax Forms – Mobile – Easy tax form upload and imports – Helpful resources – Upgrades to live support – Tax return storage for 7 years – Multiple ways to get a refund – Accuracy Guaranteed.


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