The 9 Best Investing Apps for Beginners to Start Investing Now

Beginning to invest is hard enough. You need to know where to start, what to invest in, and how much to put in. As a beginner, investing is a scary thought. What happens if you lose money?

In this 21st century, investing has changed for the better. Investing is now accessible to so many more people and all from the touch of a screen on a phone or a computer.

Investing is using your resources or money to produce income or more money. You can take your resources to invest in a business to have an outcome of generating profit.

What is Investing?

Here are 9 of the Best Investing Apps for Beginners


Acorns is one of the best investment apps that is suitable for beginners. It helps automate investments into a portfolio that fits your style, strategy, and risk tolerance.


M1 Finance one of the best investing apps giving DIY investors many options through their pie portfolios.

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M1 Finance


Being one of the biggest brokerage firms globally, Fidelity is making a name for itself in the investment app industry.

Betterment is a type of Robo Advisor that can get you started on your way to investing. 



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Starting as low as $1, you can invest in ETFs, stocks, options, and Cryptocurrency. The stocks and ETFs have no fees for trading.

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SoFi Invest