The 9 Best Skyscanner Alternatives To Book Cheap Travel

Skyscanner is one of those tools that frequent travelers use. It scours the interwebs searching for the best available and cheapest flights. There are other Skyscanner alternatives that find flights.

Skyscanner is not perfect. Many other competitors are looking to help you find the best deals, and it always helps to check many other places.

Google Flights

Google Flights makes it simple and easy to start the journey off. Here, you can learn the best dates and prices you will pay for flights as you look to book.

Like Skyscanner, Momondo will categorize the cheapest, fastest, and best flights available. It is probably the next best thing to Skyscanner itself.


It tracks close to 700 different sites, giving you many options offered by the airlines and other sites offering cheap travel deals.

Kayak compares sites like Skyscanner and will even include prices found on Skyscanner or CheapOair on sites' lists.


Kayak allows you to plan according to how you want to travel. If you plan just one-way flights, it can help you create a great itinerary and put those flights.

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